Love can be a capricious ghost, you will move mountains for it,

and travel to the ends of the world in its pursuit.

And so it was that at a young age L discovered his love of music, and of words, and putting them together, recording them, and sharing the joy of this love with people. So shy at first to sing and be heard as he grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He travelled to Los Angeles for a time and then to New York City in search of adventure and his true voice as an artist. 

"My greatest inspirations as a teenager were the original blues masters like Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters and I always felt so at peace listening to their music. I wanted to be like them. Not necessarily in the traditional interpretation of the blues but creating my own vibe and unique style of music."

During his 14 years living in NY, L worked hard on his craft as a songwriter, singer, performer and producer, eventually building his own home studio and self-producing two albums, 'The Rainmaker' and 'The Apeshit Blues'. Collaborating with many world class musicians over the years through his band and in the studio, L grew humble at how much music can teach.

"When you're young you have all the answers, and then when you start trying to make your dreams into reality you wake up to how little you know, and how much there is to learn."

Being away from family and close friends and learning to survive as an artist in a tough environment gave L the freedom to find his voice and sharpen his skills.

"Having a community of artists to share your ideas and life experiences with is so important because unless you are living that life day to day there is no-one else that really understands."

And after 14 years away, L returned to Melbourne to continue his journey, to expand his love of music and to keep expressing his soul.

"I once read a quote that said, 'Don't die with your music still inside you.' I think about that everyday. I contemplate how much more I need to give and share of my heart through words and sounds, my goal is to have nothing left...this is what drives me. The spirit of every great artist that ever lived. It is hardly an easy task but one that I believe a loving power beyond our understanding has created the will in me to keep striving for. I have my great doubts and severe imperfections like everybody else, maybe more, but I made a commitment a long time ago to not let my dreams go...no matter what, no matter how hard the road gets, because in the end it's the spirit that feeds us all and it is the spirit which moves us in music, and in all forms of art. And without this spirit there is no life."